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General I.E.T. Session:  50 minutes  - $122

Deep I.E.T Session:  70 minutes - $155

*Both Integrated Energy Therapy treatments include a crystal singing bowl chakra clearing and attunement.

General  Integrated Energy Therapy Session: This “healing with the Angels” I.E.T. therapy helps the innate wisdom of the body to bring to the surface any unhealthy cellular memories, from specific memory centers in the body, for gentle and permanent release. These include memories that carry the energy patterns of:

  • guilt
  • mistrust
  • self doubt
  • being over-burdened
  • shame
  • heartache and betrayal
  • resentment and anger
  • stress and a lack of personal empowerment
  • and fear of the unknown moving forward.

These memories may also exist within the cells from parallel lives or from being passed down through our ancestral lineage. All clearings are far-reaching, deep and powerful. The angels help to look for which memories are the ones ready and most beneficial to be released.

The liberation of unhealthy memories is followed by reintroducing the energy patterns of the original memory of our Divine state of being,  helping to restore a healthy sense of  innocence,  trust in the self, feeling supported in one’s truth, a freedom from unnecessary emotional  burdens, a humble spiritual dignity, feeling loved and being worthy of love,  forgiveness of all trespasses, personal empowerment and self control, with a general sense of feeling safe and confident  in the world better able to face the unexpected and “what-if’s” of life.

A common initial experience is a wonderful new state of being at peace with life as it is. You will notice that it is much more difficult for life to push your buttons. The buttons cease to exist. There is no longer anything to be set off. It is simply wonderful.

Also notable are the expressions of many people immediately after a treatment to appear as if they are in their youth again; as if so many burdens have been lifted. It is beautiful.

Ancestors in Spirit often show up in support. When we clear unhealthy energy from our ancestral cellular memory, the entire ancestral line that passed down the memory becomes healed and they can move up in vibration on their soul’s journey. What a gift the Angels bring to the whole family lineage through Integrated Energy Therapy!

Deep Integrated Energy Therapy Session: In this I.E.T. session, a person receives the general  therapy and then it goes further into clearing a variety of deeper, resistant memory patterns. These memory patterns are related to:

  • feeling as if life is in opposition
  • being held down
  • being at struggle with life, as if what we want is always out of reach
  • feelings of constriction and victimization

A beautiful aspect of this portion of the therapy is that it restores a feeling of being in greater cooperative harmony with life.

Going deeper  still,  we begin removing karmic memory imprints from the subtle bodies. These imprints are what hold our unhealthy behavior habits and personality traits, which can include impatience,  impulsiveness, irritability and such. They too can be held from parallel lives or ancestral memory.

And finally, the Deep session comes to its final goal of helping to clear whatever may be creating resistance towards one fulfilling their soul life potential, purpose and plan. This involves a karmic imprint clearing from the Soul Star Chakra and a revitalization of holding a pure charge of energy.

From subtle to dramatic, one begins to notice certain persons or places in life removing themselves from your field.  New people, places and things move in. Things shift and knew opportunities for positive growth and change start to get your attention and you feel better able to act on them.  Quite exhilarating!

3 sessions over the course of 3 months,  with a once or twice a year treatment thereafter will greatly provide invaluable support to a person in life. This is because with each session, our own support systems continue to become more free and empowered  to do their job for us.  There are no contraindications for this gentle and non-invasive energy therapy.

Integrated Energy Therapy was first introduced to Steven Thayer over twenty years ago and is now international practiced and continues to grow. It is my honor to be an I.E.T. facilitator for the Healing Angels and the beautiful souls we share the collective journey with.

Tiari is a certified Master Instructor for Integrated Energy Therapy

Tiari is a certified master instructor for Integrated Energy Therapy on Kauai
Tiari is a certified master instructor for Integrated Energy Therapy on Kauai

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