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My Philosophy

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” - Nikola Tesla

Everything is vibration and frequency; including our mental, physical, emotional and soul bodies. It is in my practical understanding that there is an optimum harmonic frequency and when we are in resonance it brings us general well being and energy that allows us thrive. When we fall out of resonance, or if the particle wave flow action of this vital life force energy is impeded, our well being and ability to thrive at optimum levels can become compromised.

Through various tools and systems, the subtle energy bodies can be brought back into resonant harmony with vibrant health. With these methods, any resistance to the flow within the energy channels may also become gently released, allowing for greater relaxation and function of the nervous systems.

I do believe that if a disorder in the energy body has come to a full-blown physical manifestation, it should be dealt with at the physical level as well. I do not practice or offer such guidance. I believe that subtle body energy work will support the underlying field while a person is receiving treatment at the physical level when called for. I do support prevention and recovery practices such as a clean diet  of plant based foods, moderate exercise, meditation, and stress release breathing exercises while working under the guidance of a Licensed Health Care Practitioner if required.

Subtle energy body clearing and attuning is at its best when used for regular general well-being maintenance and prevention. It's easier to correct disrupted energy before it may become manifested at the physical level. The focus of my practice is to assist those who want to keep their subtle energy bodies well maintained, in resonant harmony and optimized.

I also specialize in activations of the soul star chakra and of codes within the subtle energy fields related to soul life purpose and, if called for, energetic reconnection with star family lineage.  You will know if it is called for because you will compelled to receive these activations. You will just know when you are ready and when it's time.

All beliefs are respected and every soul is appreciated and honored in my work. I have opened myself up to learning many disciplines of shifting and re-attuneing subtle energies to best accommodate my clients comfort levels.

Tiari performs energy healing treatments on the mystical island of Kauai.
Tiari performs energy healing treatments on the mystical island of Kauai.

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