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Awaken the Crystal Grid Alchemist in you!

Crystal Alchemy Attuneing Sacred Ceremony™:  

50 minutes  - $122

This crystal energy treatment includes a crystal singing bowl chakra clearing and attunement.

During the Crystal Alchemy Attuneing Sacred Ceremony, the Galactic Shaman in Tiari  comes forward bringing in the intuitive art of alchemical crystal energy magic from the ancestors and the stars. During this unique and sacred ceremony, a variety of resonance tools are used to bring the energy channels and auric field of the human body into greater balance and alignment with increased energy flow. The crystal energy ceremony goes deeper into generating a stronger connection with the core of the heart and soul where the Great Spirit resides. When schisms are removed, fragments of the soul are free to mend and a very profound state of connection with the seat of the soul is recaptured.

Crystals are utilized in this experience because they have a very similar structure with human DNA and hold a natural and stable state, making them great resonance tools for realigning and balancing the human energy field. Through the specialized  use of custom created Crystal Attuneing Avatars, body and room gridding, crystalline frequency mists, and auric sweeping, you will be sure to feel the powerfully restorative affects of the crystal wisdom keepers who support us on our journey .

In the tradition of ancient shamanism, drums and rattles are a part of the sacred healing ceremony for breaking apart and shaking out dense negative energies.  Future-forward crystal singing bowl tones are also played for gently breaking up blocks of stuck energy and through resonance bringing healing to the chakras and a calming affect for the nervous system.  Tiari received special attuning gifts, given from the White Feather Shaman race, from out of Lumeria through the Pleiades star system, for this deep spiritual work and sacred ceremony. If you feel called to receive the Crystal Alchemy Attuning Sacred Ceremony you are also being called to receive a special activation blessing of the White Feather Shaman race that allows for the healing amends required to be in greater living resonance with the Law of One of the One Great Spirit. Your eyes will reveal the peace of re-connection with the deep inner stillness.


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