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About Tiari

Tiari is excited to bring this body of inspiration to all who are drawn to deepen their personal empowerment and co-create with the support of the crystal wisdom keepers of Divine light. With the beginning of remembering her star origins on the magical north shore of Kauai in 1995, a natural interest in the developing, planetary crystalline grid and healing with light and sound energy began.

Tiari, an intuitive clairsentient, DNA-soul star, and stargate activation key holder has since spent decades learning about and experimenting with energy healing in many forms related to creating coherent fields of light. She has covered vast areas of metaphysical study and is a Certified Master Instructor for the internationally practiced Integrated Energy Therapy, Sound Wave, and Crystal Alchemy energy attuning therapies and is certified in Pranic Energy Healing, Aromatherapy and Matrix Energetics.  She also works with the Language of Light in vocal, written and hand signing light body activation codes.


 After graduating from the Florida College of Natural Health, she opened and operated a successful wellness store and day spa business, near the crystal sand beaches of sunny Florida.  Through this business, crystal healing and energy tools were a special part of the product lines and services offered. She developed many signature crystal and crystal sound wave energy attuning treatments for the day spa which are still being offered there today. It was there where she more deeply honed the intuitive skills of working with crystals from crystal stone massage and crystal singing bowl sound wave and alchemical crystal energy healing therapies. In support of such, she also practiced using chromotherapy, aromatherapy, gemstone elixirs and so much more. 


 Tiari continues to practice and teach the energy healing arts while sharing her ascension activations, insights, and passion in the alchemy of crystal gridding through social media. For her, the crystals are very special to work with when co-creating. This is because they have shown her how they receive and hold the undistorted light from the Creator as they grow.  “Their DNA actively vibrates with the keys and instructions for how to house the energy of our original innocence and purity, into the density of matter and it is magnificent,” she exclaims! 


The Art of Crystal Grid Making

The crystal grid making book by Tiari. 

Hot Off the Press and Available for Order Now! Put your crystals into Divine service and remember your natural co-creative power as you practice with the support of your favorite crystals. The Art of Crystal Grid Making is all you need to be creating crystal manifestation grids like a master!  Click Here To View Book Sample of pages, including Table of Contents, Forward, Sample from Chapter 2, one Gratitude Activation Grid, one Governing Colors guide, and About The Author