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Integrated Energy Therapy Certification Course May 25th-27th 2019 on Kauai

Welcome to the Crystal Grid Alchemist website from crystal grid master and book author Tiari.

We hope you enjoy the many wonderful articles on how to make crystal grids as well as insights and ideas on how you can make the best crystal grids for yourself. By using affirmations, instead of intentions, and coding your crystal gridding projects with crystal grid alchemy you will be able to maximize the power of your crystal grids.

You will find both activation grids and manifestation grids with detailed information on the crystals and healings stones used in the grids. Each grid also has its own affirmation and features crystal grid alchemy codes used to help power the crystal grid programming.

You will also find information on Energy Healing services offered on Kauai. Tiari is a certified master instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy and a certified practitioner of Pranic Healing, an energy healing modality under the teachings of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

In the shop area you will also find Tiari's crystal gridding book  The Art of Crystal Grid Making, a 184 page full color paperback book teaching the art and insight to make master alchemy crystal grids for manifestation and activation in harmony with the Law of One. The Art of Crystal Grid Making features over 70 of the best crystal grids from Tiari.

And so it is ~ from the heart.

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